Color-Changing Powerade

Make a crazy concoction from this electrolyte heavy sports drink that changes colors like a chameleon.

This was our April Fool's Day prank for 2014!

The science of sports drinks often involves watching how much sugar is in them, making sure you're staying hydrated, and getting those electrolytes into your body. When our team gets their hands on a sports drink, you can bet that there is going to be some way crazier science happening. With the Color-Changing Powerade experiment, you're going to be in for a wild, colorful, sports drink-fueled ride.

Experiment Materials

  • Grape Powerade®
  • Cinnamon Altoids®
  • Club soda
  • Sweet'n'Low®
  • Adult supervision
  • April Fool's Day




  1. To start, you have to make sure the lime is in the coconut and that you mix it all up.
  2. Pour 1/3 of the Powerade into a different container.
  3. Add one packet of Sweet'n'Low to the bottle of Powerade.
  4. Shake, shake, shake it up!
  5. Top off the Powerade bottle with club soda and let the mixture sit with the cap off for ten minutes.
  6. Place a single Cinnamon Altoid into the mixture.
  7. Put the cap on the bottle and shake it up. Once you're done, sit back and watch what happens. The color disappears!
  8. Shake the bottle again to bring the color back!

How Does It Work?

Yay, friends. Look unto this experiment and be flabbergasted by the science. Thine eyes shall never again behold such wonders as these. An athletic drink, flavored from the fruit of the vineyard, battles with identity. Indigo? Violet? Nay. The beverage, full of vitamins and minerals, desires a transparent sheen. No longer will it be chosen by the younger generation solely based upon it's royal color. Now, the consumable will be recognized for it's merits: the delicious taste, the incomparable hydrating capacity, but foremost, the thirst quenching abilities it possesses.

Seriously, though, we used this.