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Slime Art

How to make Art from Slime

We all know that playing with slime is one of the best things in the world. But, what do you do when you’re done? You can put it into a zip-lock bag and save it for later, or you can make Slime Art. What exactly is Slime Art? Well, once you leave slime out to dry, it will turn into an amazing piece or sculpture.


Slime Art - Step 1


Take a blob of slime and lay it out on a flat non porous surface, for example a granite counter top, a laminated surface or even a glass table.  Slowly press down on the slime to make it thin.  If you have multiple colors of slime try pressing them together, they will blend together during the next step.


Let the drying process begin…this can take anywhere from 2-4 days depending on the humidity level of your location.  In Colorado we have extremely low humidity levels so the slime will dry a bit quicker.


Use a fan. If you use a fan to blow on the slime it also will dry much faster and make it wavy.


Once your slime has started to dry on the edges you can slowly lift up the edge to allow more airflow.

How Does It Work

When slime dries the water and PVA alcohol are slowly evaporating, however the color of the slime maintains.  If you’re using clear slime the final piece of art will look like bent glass.

Take It Further

Try adding in additional items to the slime prior to drying, for example colorful orbs, glitter, ping pong balls, etc.

Slime Art - Hydrated Jelly Marbles

If you use full grown orbs they will dehydrate as well and leave fun little holes in the art, kind of like Swiss Cheese.

Slime Art - Dried Jelly Marbles

Science Fair Connection

Try different environments to dry your slime.  Does a humid environment change the final results?  Does using a fan quicken the drying process? Does spreading out the slime thin vs thick change the look of the art?  Even if you can’t find a suitable Science Fair Connection you can enter your Slime Art into an art show.

Safety Information

While slime is safe to experiment with, always wash your hands after use.