String Slime

  • NEW FORMULA! No glue, no PVA, no Borax.
  • Squirt String Slime into the bowl of Activator solution. The instant the two liquids touch, you get solid String Slime. It’s that easy!
  • Safe to touch, twirl and twist as you explore the science of polymers.
  • Amazing fluorescent colors won’t stain your hands.


  • String Slime liquid – 1 L (33.8 oz)
  • Activator Powder– 20 g
  • Squirt bottle
  • Activity Guide

SKU: WSTS-900 (Clear Glass) | WSTS-910 (Hot Pink) | WSTS-920 (Neon Yellow) | WSTS-930 (Tangerine Orange) | WSTS-940 (Radioactive Green) | WSTS-950 (Electric Blue)